Saturday, April 18, 2015


“Hello and Good Morning!  Tabby here on Peak 205.6.”  Static and fuzzy music poured out the radio setting on the bar.  Louie reached over and dialed the station in better.

“Tabby needs more cat java before he gives out those call letters and numbers.”  A slurp followed by another sounded.  “Ah, now let’s try that again. Peak 105.6 coming at you from the 6 AM hour on.”

Louie chuckled and went back to chopping vegetables and meat for the stew he prepped for the evening meal.  There’d be a crowd tonight.  Gill’s shift started at ten and ran until four a.m. when state laws required they stop serving alcohol.  Though no one knew what came in the door on its own between four and seven when the coffee and breakfast folks began showing up.

“We got a hot time going down in town this weekend.  A band around town gig happening.”  Two more loud slurps blasted out the speaker followed by an obnoxious belch.  “Sorry folks.  Good eats from Rattigan’s and a cup of Java from Java Joe’s is worth the extra sounds.”

Louie looked up as the kitchen door swung open.  Bettina walked in holding a stack of flyers.  Her hair stood up in places and her slippers scuffed along the floor.  Her ankle-length nightgown billowed out with each step.  She leaned on the prep table squinting at Louie.

“Thorn delivered these.  The man can bellow worse than a bull moose in heat.”  Her eyes glowed as Louie held out the blood pack he pulled from the small refrigerator under the prep table.  “Warm it up first.  That is O-negative.  That stuff is wicked if you don’t heat it up.”

Shaking his head, Louie tossed the pack into the microwave.  Hit thirty seconds and faced Bettina.  “So the Bandstand Festival is on.”

Bettina yawned again as she nodded.  Before another yawn over took her, she spoke.  “I hope Tabby makes the announcement about no X-rated lyrics and no grunge bands this year.”

As the microwave timer dinged, Louie answered.  “Tabby’s got the solo gig on the way early show.  He’s going to record the commercials later on when his other daytime partner is in studio.”

Bettina took the packet from Louie.  She pulled open on end and sipped.  After her second hefty swallow, she stood upright.  “Here’s to another all over town party.  Who knows what entries we’ll end up with?”



Hope you and yours are enjoying the warm weather.  Don't let your allergies get you down.  Time to get out and enjoy being warm is here!  Take time to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

Mage and his wife are off visiting family. DP's Gal Pal is busy preping her home for a make over.
DP is getting his new business off the ground.  And I'm working on new stories.  Life is good!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Friday!

Good morning to all of our fine friends on the web!  Friday is here and thank the great Googly-Moogly for it.  Alas, I've once again been unable to put together my Fri flash, but I didn't want to leave y'all hanging, so....

A sexy kisses picture just for you.  Yes, I know, you can't see the kiss in the picture, but I bet you can at the back of your brain.  It's hot, it's lush...their lips barely touch, yet they are both damn near to drooling.  Their noses are turned just slightly, this way and that...and finally their eyes meet.  A connection is created and 75% of the kiss happens...just in that moment.

Sometimes, the sexiest things happen without even being seen.

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderfully sexy weekend!

Serena Shay

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Holy Dooley, mate, what a flying sheila."

Thunderstorm howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Since my writing time is so limited these days, here's another sneak peek of an 'unedited' chapter from my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP --  starring my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev.  This is also another Talbot's Peak scene, with two other secondary characters.


Also, just to ease the pain, ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS is having a tax day discount for their readers, and I'm participating with my self-published ebooks.  Enjoy!


Chapter Twenty-three

The frigid night air steamed out of her flared nostrils as Keina spread her wings, and swooped low toward Drev and Dugger. She'd accompanied them on their perimeter patrol of Talbot's Peak territory, and now their shift ended.

Admittedly, she showed off for her stud man, Drev, and for the Aussie dingo shapeshifter, who was equally fast on his feet, and with his fists -- and as quick with  dry clever quips, especially when imbibing a tall glass of his favorite, old-recipe ale.  Before their patrol, the three of them had stopped in at Louie's bar and grill.

Increasing her speed, Keina felt the icy wind slice over her wings. She pulled up at the last moment, soaring a couple of hoof lengths above their heads.

"That's my filly girl," Drev yelled.

When Keina whipped her horse head around to look over her shoulder, she saw him pump his fist.

"Holy Dooley, mate, what a flying sheila," Dugger shouted. "No need to give my arm a right twist. I'd dangle a leg or two over her back anytime."

"Dangling?" Symone, Dugger's sheila, called out.

Wheeling around as rapidly as she could, Keina flapped toward Drev and Dugger. She observed Symone -- the woman who was a time slider from a parallel Earth -- move to Dugger's side.

The athletically built yet curvaceous woman locked arms with him, then mock-scolded, "You're not dangling anything around another woman, or I'll have to take aim."

Keina hadn't yet met Symone. As Drev had explained earlier in the day, the infamous sharpshooter could hit any target miles away while on a moving aerial platform. During the bloodletting civil strife on her Earth, Symone developed the special skill as a defense against enemy soldiers.

"Take aim," Dugger quipped in that delicious Aussie accent of his, "now that's one bang-on corker of an idea for later, gorgeous."

Keina couldn't help but mentally grin at Dugger's sexual innuendo. Slowing, she spread her wings wide to land. Moments later, she touched ground near the hidden opening to Dante's underground complex.

Quickly morphing to human form, Keina stepped inside the room where the patrol gear and weapons were stored for immediate access. Also, since so many were shapeshifters, there were numerous clothing lockers.

Keina made short work of dressing in her snow bunny outfit as she thought of it. When they'd first arrived, Drev had shown her around the large, bunker-like room. Impressed by the high degree of organization, Keina gained a new respect for the werewolf leader, Dante, and those who protected Talbot's Peak territory. Certainly, it rivaled her family's protection of their lands.

"Decent yet?" Drev called out, a chuckle in his deep voice.

"Never decent around you." Keina spoke as she stepped outside. Raising on tiptoe, she aimed a smooch at his lips.

Drev captured her against his muscular frame. Even through his thick winter garments, Keina felt those ripped muscles, and the warmth of his body heat for her. Only for her.

Pleasure tingles raced through her bloodstream.

Drev kissed her soundly, with a command and a passion that spiraled steamy lust down to her toes. Keina threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

"Who needs clothes?" she murmured, as their mouths lingered, barely pressed against each other.

"Before you and the filly sheila do the horizontal bango-tango," Dugger interrupted, "how about a pint? Me and my sheila would like a gab, get to know her princess highness."

"How did you know...?" Keina halted her words, giving Drev the one-eye accusatory stare.

He took a few steps back, throwing his hands up in mock defense. "Not me, sweetheart. I'd never give you up. Not under torture..."

Drev stopped speaking, and Keina realized he flash-backed to his time in special ops. "Apologies," she quickly soothed, taking his hand. "Please forgive me...I, I didn't mean to make you remember."

"It's my fault," Symone intervened. "You. Your bearing reminded me of a Royal. The Royals on my Earth. I whispered as much to the loudmouth dingo here," she added, but gave Dugger's waist an affectionate squeeze.

"Perceptive of you." Keina crunched over the blanket of snow toward the smiling woman, who looked as though she didn't smile enough. "Drev told me you traveled here from a parallel Earth. I'd love to have a gab with you, as your Dugger called it. I'm Keina. May I call you Symone?"

"Yeah, first name basis only. We're all mates." Dugger released Symone from his casual but lover-possessive hold on her.

Symone reached to take hold of the hand Keina offered, and they shook American style, yet without the strength contest Keina had observed between guys.

"Ye Olde English Pub?" Drev suggested. "I'm so hungry I could eat a werewolf mammoth," her stud man joked.

As Keina understood it, the saying became popular in Talbot's Peak after the hellephant's rampage came close to destroying the town.

"Yeah, bucko," Dugger arm-roped Symone bringing her back against him. "I'm game to wrap my laughing gear around a proper steak. Then throw in a basket of fish and chips, and I'll be howling with the wolfies."

"How about you, my filly girl, are you hungry?" Drev claimed her shoulders. His touch galloped love sparks though her, and when he nuzzled her earlobe, she melted against him surrendering to the desire-magical sensations.

"Hot apple cider. Carrot cake," Keina began. "Lead the way, my stallion man."

As a group, they moved inside the gear room, and once Dugger sealed the door, he took Symone's hand. Keina watched the dingo shifter press his palm against what looked like the back of a shelf.

The hidden door swung open, and soon they walked along a passageway that led to the inner sanctum of Dante's Pleasure Club. Until her eyes adjusted to the near darkness, Keina clung to Drev's arm.

Given this was her first visit to the infamous, subterranean den of iniquity with it's eclectic restaurants and nightclubs -- from the elegant Midnight Stardust Supperclub to Dante's Inferno, where disco dancing occurred nightly, according to Drev -- well, neigh and bring on the hay, her imagination ran wild. Keina grinned in anticipation.

"Are we staying the night in your survival room?" she whispered toward Drev's ear.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, April 13, 2015

Location Location Location

“Hoov, m’man,” Pablo called from the front door of the Rocky Top Motel. “Shift’s almost over. You got plans?”

“Nothing that can’t be put off in favor of something better. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s grand opening week at that new place. Drink specials, food specials, maybe special ladies. Unless you’re still seeing Judy?”

“I’ll call her, see if she can meet me there. We’re talking about the Caverns, right?” Hoover frowned and leaned his forearms on the motel’s front desk counter. “Where the mini golf used to be, before … ”

“Before the mammoth got loose and went on a rampage, yeah. There was this whole underground complex right under the amusement park! Who knew? Well, the people who built it, obviously. Bet it was the government. Black Ops experiments. They probably set it up during the ‘50s. You know, the whole Cold War thing.”

“And now it’s a bar?”

“Nightclub-slash-restaurant. All underground. Guess the government sold out. Might as well, I mean, after the mammoth it wasn’t exactly a secret base any more, was it? So, you wanna go?”

“Sure,” Hoover said. Those previous plans he’d alluded to were actually orders from Dante. Somebody’s taken over Morloxian’s old lab. It looks like they’re making it public. Check it out. Dante was counting on Hoover’s spectacular nose to determine who or what intended to establish a beachhead at the exit. Hoover was counting on his girlfriend having the evening free. He glanced around to make sure no customers were in sight, then pulled out his phone and speed dialed Judy’s number.

# # #

Cordelia Shaw swept up and down the corridors of her new kingdom, deftly avoiding the exits where the waning but still deadly sunlight filtered in. She inspected the restaurant, the club and the bar and deemed them all good to go. Last week’s limited openings had helped her work out the bugs. She was ready to throw the doors open and start emptying wallets—a far more rewarding pastime, she’d found, than emptying veins.

She gazed up at the glowing neon that announced the entrance to The Caverns with an inner glow of her own. Whichever mad scientist had built and then abandoned this place, she’d be forever in his debt, and for her, “forever” carried weight. You didn’t come across a property like this every day, especially underground, beyond the reach of the sun. And at such a reasonable price. Land of opportunity, dahling.

A deliveryman trotted up to her, clipboard in hand. Cordelia skimmed the invoice and signed her name with a flourish. It was not the name she had been born or even died with, but it was a damned sight better than that unwieldy Hungarian tongue-twister her father had foisted on her. She’d switched to the more easily spelled “Cordelia Shaw” as a gift to herself on her 239th birthday. I should have done that ages ago, she thought.

She handed back the clipboard with a dazzling smile. Crimson lips discreetly pressed together, of course. Save the fangs for the patrons of the nightclub, where they’d be mistaken for fake. Right up until just a smidgeon past too late.

There were still those inner labs. All that space going to waste. She’d have to come up with a use for them, once she’d scrubbed all those ghastly stains off the walls. Dinner theater?

Again she marveled at the wonders of serendipity. A vampiress in search of a business to run. A subterranean complex right on the interstate exit. It was as if they’d been meant for each other.

She’d even succeeded in repurposing that tacky “Dracula’s castle” that had survived the destruction of the former mini golf. Though she considered it an offensive cultural stereotype, she’d also recognized its marketing possibilities. Now it served as a club for the Goth crowd, its cheesy gloom put to good use. It gave the kids a place to go, which kept the underagers out of her hair and her name off the police blotters. She could even stop in for a drink, with no one suspecting. Imagine, the silly children paid to let others sip their blood. Was this a great country or what?

Oh, there was that shapeshifter town at the foot of the mountains, but Cordelia wasn’t concerned. Let the little furries have their wildlife sanctuary. She preferred the bustle of humanity. All that blood on the hoof, with fresh batches pouring off the interstate at all hours. Walking down the strip was like hitting a buffet. A nip here, a swallow there, and you could fill up in an hour without even having to hunt. Why, the tour buses alone … Cordelia sighed in contentment.

I should add a casino, she thought. What were Montana’s laws regarding gambling? Perhaps it would be better to resurrect the amusement park instead. There was more than one way to drain a family.

She reached the main entrance, the hole where reportedly a mutant mammoth had burst through the earth. The story had drawn her here, to this fabulous real estate find. It also served as a reminder that, as far as the paranormal went, she wasn’t the only game in this town. The shapeshifters would have their own movers and shakers, their own kings and queens and rogues. Sooner or later, she supposed, she’d have to meet with them, especially if they were wolves. Wolves always had to know where everyone stood.

Well, if they were that curious, they could come to her. Cordelia’s interests lay in business, not politics. The only killings she wanted to make were financial. Live and let unlive had been her motto for centuries. If the shifters wanted to trifle with that …

Cordelia climbed the entrance steps as far as the shadows allowed her. She turned her face unerringly toward Talbot’s Peak and bared her impressive fangs. “Any time you’re ready, dahling,” she murmured.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Forty-seven

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: Sherilyn's past as a photographer's model surfaces unexpectedly.

 The first six paragraphs from ~ 

Chapter Forty-seven:
Zance settled deeper into...   

Zance settled deeper into his chair, intent on enjoyin' the moment. He took a long draw of his coffee, then fastened his gaze on his pardner's face.

It'd taken some real doin', digging through all those big ole storage chests, but Zance had found his prize.

As Dontoya slowly unrolled the poster, understanding dawned in the depths of his eyes, and a pleased grin curved his lips.

"You are beautiful, darlin'. Then, and even more so now."

Turning toward Sherilyn, Dontoya presented the cheesecake photo of her wearing a pink baby doll nightie. "Almost see-through," he ribbed. "And I sure do appreciate the way you're bending over that bed. The way your arm is raised and holdin' up those gorgeous honey ringlets of yours."

"So long ago," their mate murmured.


For more Sunday Sneak Peaks


Blurb & Excerpts for HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS are on the page above.

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Frenziedness Begins

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