Saturday, December 20, 2014


“So the game begins?” Tyburn asked as he joined Gill outside the waiting area close to the labor and delivery admissions area.

“Game?” Gill quipped, unsure how to answer since the stat ultrasound on Chloe revealed potential quints.  Five mouths to feed and care for.  The last time he changed diapers was when his nephew and niece, both with grandkids of their own now, were babies and toddlers.  He was sure the process hadn’t changed much as he watched humans and shifters alike tend to their youngsters. 

“Well, everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a waiting game.  You wait for the baby to decide to put in their appearance.”  Tyburn chuckled.  “Truth is I’ve got no idea what is expected of me.  Rachel and my other off spring flamed into existence during her rebirths.”

“I don’t think that is how this works.  I’m probably no better informed than you.” Gill leaned back against the wall behind the bench he sat on.  “You and I are on a journey.”

“One hell of a journey.  I get to see life from the human side.  You get to…”  Tyburn paused.  Looked around the waiting area, and leaned closer to Gill.  “What is it you get to do?”

Gill rolled his eyes and snickered.  “Watch Chloe wither in pain.  Wonder how the frack this came to be.”

“Pain is funny?” Tyburn leaned forward, resting his forearms on his legs.

“No, never.  It’s my dumb remark.  I know the facts of life.  How babies are made.”  Gill licked his lips and continued.  “My pain is figuring out how to raise em, feed em, clothe em, et al.”

“Oh, the get them grown and out of your house part.” Tyburn sighed.  “There’s no manual for that.”

“Yes, I know.  My brother kept asking my parents where they hid theirs.”  Gill smiled as memories of watching his brother and parents discuss parenting came rushing back.

“There’s a manual for rearing Phoenix.  It has two lines.  First one is there are no rules.  The second one is don’t believe the first one.”  Tyburn laughed and looked up as a nurse approached where he and Gill sat.

“Mr. Tyburn, Miss Rachel requests, to quote her, your flaming ass present as there is more than one younging coming your way.  Congrats sir!  You’ve got twins!” The nurse handed Tyburn a stack of clothing.  “Please change and meet me outside delivery room three in five minutes.”

Tyburn accepted the bundle and sprinted down the hall to the changing room.  Gill sat up as the nurse turned back to him.  He stood as she held out a similar bundle to him.

“Mr. Mayor, Chloe needs your assistance in birthing room four.  Your triplets are eager to come out and met their daddy she says.”  The nurse patted Gill’s shoulder as he shook his head.  “One of them appears to be bigger than the others in weight and size.  Sorry for the earlier scare, sir.”

Gill tucked the bundle of clothing under his arm as he started his sprint down the hall to the changing room.  Earlier scare at possibly five babies?  Three was better?  Safer?  Hell, he didn’t know nothing about birthing babies.  He was going to find out though and very quickly from what the nurse said.


Merry Holidays Gang!

Happy Solstice and Yule to all!  May your celebrations bring peace and joy to you and yours.  From all of us here at the Spice Homestead to all of you, Happiest of holiday greetings.  Remember those that are alone or in need as you gift each other.  Take time to reach out to those who you can help.

As to the birthing game, lets see what happens next week.  Sexes and names are still unknowns.  Any suggestions as to who has which and what names need completion on birth certificates.

Until Next Week,


Friday, December 19, 2014

Here Come the Flying Monkeys!

Reetha stepped from the woods behind her brother’s house, readjusted her scarf, and made sure her fly was zipped before she made her way to the door.  She was done waiting for an invite to meet her new niece and nephew.  The male child, being beta and all, needed his auntie’s cuddles and the little alpha lady needed to catch the scent of the other alpha bitches in her circle.  There were so few female alpha wolves out there, so this group needed to be tight.  She and Ziva knew the loneliness that came from being female alphas in a male-centric world. Between her mama and auntie this girl would rise high and never be alone.





Whoa. Reetha pushed the door open and stepped into a standoff. Nose to nose, lips raised in warning and aggressive intents clear…these two were about to go off on each other. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

Nick and Ziva backed up and gave each other some room, but both were clearly on edge.

“What are you doing here, Reetha?”

“Gee, Zee, I came to see the babies, you know, what aunties do.”

“Most aunties wait for an invite, Ree.”

“If I waited for that, the kiddos would be teenagers before I met them.”

“And they’ll be McMahon teenagers at that,” her brother snipped, shooting an authoritative look Ziva’s way.

Reetha grimaced, knowing full well what was coming from her friend’s mouth, having been on the receiving end of her anger one too many times.

“Only in your demented, wood-addled brain because flying fucking monkeys will shoot from my ass before they are called anything other than Wilk’s!”

“Ohp.” Reetha stifled the rest of her laugh.  Wood-addled was new, but clearly Nick had never made

Ziva this mad before considering the surprised look on his face.  Which, of course, only lasted a few seconds before her brother opened his mouth to make things worse.

“Well, want me to get you some lube…” — “Whoa, Nick stop…” — “To get the buggers…” — “No kidding, bro, stop…” — “Out easier!”

The fur flew after her dim bulb of a sibling’s last statement.  It was nearly literal in Ziva’s case, as different parts of her body seemed to change without her knowing it.  How long had it been since her friend had shifted?

Reetha waded into the mêlée, which proved to be nothing more than growls and chest bumps.  These two couldn’t even hurt each other during this clearly charged frackus.  It proved how much they loved each other and, to her great relief, that it was possible for two alpha’s to mate. 

“STOP IT NOW!”  With an ear in each hand, Reetha pulled the two apart and brought them to their knees. “Tell me what’s going on.”  When they both started to bitch at the same time, she tweaked their ears to shut them up.  “Ziva, you first.”

“He wants my babies to be McMahon’s!”  

With the feigned disgust she heard in Ziva’s voice, over a name Reetha knew Zee loved, she had a bad feeling she knew where this was headed.  Women knew these things without being told, yet men were just dense.

“They ARE McMahons!”

Oh, Nick…

“Their mother’s not a McMahon, she’s a Wilk, and so are they.”

…And BINGO was his name ooo.  Reetha let go of their ears and let them both stand.  They were quiet, so quiet she wondered if Nick was finally piecing it all together.

“Ziva,” Nick’s voice soothed. “You’re my mate.  I remember quite a wild Thanksgiving chase which sealed the deal, as it were.  You are a McMahon.  You’re my McMahon…Queen McMahon!”

“Quite a boost there, Nick, Alpha to King…”

“Shut up, Sis.”

Reetha looked over at a silently crying Ziva and wondered if she would finish what she’s started here.

“Mating may add to my designation, Wilk alpha and McMahon Queen…”

“Wow, a lofty bitch, aren’t ya.” Reetha teased.

“Shut up, Ree.” Ziva barked. “It still doesn’t change my name.”

They stared at each other as if no one else was around.  Reetha backed away as Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.  Thank Lupa her brother wasn’t a total dumbass.

“Then maybe we ought to change that, too.”

Ziva sniffed, nodded her head and let Nick put one big assed stone on her finger.

Reetha looked away as they kissed and took the opportunity to tiptoe over to the two cuties snuggled together in their bassinet, sleeping through their parents skirmish and subsequent good news.  These two, with their tiny toes and relaxed happy faces, crawled into her heart and took their place right next to Loki and Thor.  She may never have her own, but she would have them all and she would love them like they were hers. 

“Hey, before you two do that.” She wiggled her fingers in their direction. “How about you tell me the names of my new little loves…”

Ziva’s smile lit up the room as she came closer, Nick tight on her tail.

“Our little alpha is Galina…,” Ziva said.

“Greta…” Nick announced at the same time.

Reetha had to squeeze her lips tight so as not to laugh at the fiery looks they were sending each other.  “And how about out little beta baby?”

“Misha…” This from Ziva. 

“Brent…”  From Nick.

“And that, guys, is my cue to leave.  Don’t wake the babies!”

Reetha waited until she stepped outside to laugh.  These two, with all the time they had during Ziva’s pregnancy, had not taken a moment to settle on names.  It would be a wonder if they ever did get appropriate monikers.  Good thing they had their Auntie Reetha to devise the best nicknames ever.  

Even their poor author (that would be me) has not been able to settle this battle between Ziva and Nick.  Names...who knew it would be such a bone of contention?  (pun intended)  I, myself, had the perfect name for out little alpha queen...Stormageddon!  Nick and Ziva may have turned me down, but Auntie Reetha and I still need to talk.  Muahahaha

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!  Stay safe and share the love.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Almost Christmas!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's almost Christmas; do you have your shopping done? I actually did, but then I found something totally awesome. I present the most awsomely insane toy ever:

Hog Wild Squirrel Popper!

Not only did I decide I needed to get the sock money versions for my own darling sons, who are probably too old for them but are getting them anyway, I also decided that someone needed to get a set of them for Mooney and Marissa's darling little wolf pups, too! Enjoy today's bit of flash fiction hilarity!

~ Rebecca

Marissa was chatting with the other mothers near the desert table, which she’d helped stock, when she realized that letting Mooney buy their share of the gifts for the Guts and Butts Gazette’s Annual Secret Santa Ball had been a very bad idea. The ball had begun a couple years ago as Nick’s response to seeing a family being kicked out of their apartment after the father lost his job and the mother wasn’t able to pay the rent and buy food. It hadn’t been a shifter family, so he hadn’t been exactly sure how to help them out. A shifter wouldn’t have thought twice about a local alpha butting in to help them, but humans tend to get creeped out by that sort of thing. After seeing some Christmas movie with Zeva, he’d decided that a Secret Santa Ball was the perfect way to help a lot of people in the community that might otherwise refuse the assistance.

He’d dropped the whole thing in Marissa’s lap since she was human and the only “wife” at that time in the mostly-bachelor McMahon pack. The tradition was started and now that Marissa wasn’t the only “pack wife”, she had plenty of helping hands with which to find people in need and arrange the help they needed in a form that could be slipped into Santa/Ralph’s bag of goodies. That was the neat thing about the ball; the “help” really did come from most everyone in the community. The G&BG only provided little gifts for the kids and all kids around town and their families were invited so that it wasn’t some charity event but rather a community gathering.

Which brought her back to realizing she really should not have let Mooney do the shopping for this year’s grade school age kids’ gifts. Ziva had taken care of the baby gifts, of course, since she was a new mother. Elly had tackled the toddler and pre-school kids. Gloria had the teens. It had been her job to do the grade schoolers. Oh, Goddess Love her, everyone was going to think she was responsible for this, she realized as a foam ball went flying past her face to land in the punch bowl.

Mooney had bought vinyl animals that spewed yellow foam balls when you squeezed them. And given them to a bunch of kids from age five to eleven, who were already excited because it was almost Christmas. Children who had just been consuming massive quantities of sugary snacks and drinks and were probably growing restless from being on their best behavior for over an hour…

Just then, the first battle scream split the air as an angry little girl stared at the foam ball now stuck to the side of her piece of chocolate cake, which she promptly smeared in the face of the boy who had popped it out of his toy. Marissa groaned and looked for a place to hide, but the ornery kid who’d just started what was sure to be an epic food fight was her own little blond darling, Thor.

“Oh, man,” Gloria said from beside her. “I’m going to step outside for a minute. Just call me when it’s time to begin clean-up, ‘kay?”

“Traitor!” Marissa said with a half hysterical giggle. “Desertion in the line of battle!”

“Na, those are your kids,” Glo said as she ducked a flying brownie. “When Moon-Moon and I have some, I’ll step up to the plate, but I ain’t got a stake in this!”

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Could I be your Christmas gift?"

Howliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers.

Okay then, here's a rough draft of Chapter Seven from my still untitled WIP, a short holiday erotic romance.  Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Seven

Drev paused in his stride, and like a dirty dog, he roamed his gaze over Keina's delicate shape as she stood before his book collection. The round swell of her hips from her small waist caused his swollen cock to lurch.

Down humping dawg, he ordered. Yeah, no hope there. Drev grimaced at himself, and before stepping inside the room, he glued his gaze to his unexpected guest's gorgeous little ass.

Even with Keina's petite frame, her curves were voluptuous, her thighs shapely, and, thank the good lord above, not pencil thin. What he wouldn't give... Drev hammered the rest of that thought into nonexistence.

His hands itched to grab hold of her hips, and Drev balled them into fists. Damn, he wanted to stroke the shapeshifter woman until pleasure overwhelmed them both. Right now, her human form made his entire body rigid with need.

Discipline, buddy. Remember, it's how you stayed alive.

Getting a grip on his raging hormones, Drev entered the room. He halted as Keina spun to him.

Currents of sexual energy zapped between them, palpable to Drev. He witnessed the sparkly flash in her amethyst eyes, her quick pants of breath. He heard the trip-trip racing of her heart -- one of his unusual abilities.

Drev ached to swoop Keina against him, devour her with kisses, then take her with every manner of passion. Oh hell yeah, lust had him by the balls.

Slow down. Don't frighten her, Drev cautioned himself, even as the ferocity of his desire leaped. No bounds, he thought

Drev sucked in a breath, and kept his feet super-glued to the floor. Yes, she wants you, buddy boy. But you're coming on too strong.

Mentally Drev switched his testosterone-befogged brain to his other burning need, to know more about his Pegasus girl, to know the woman, Keina, better.

"The turkeys are in cold storage," he began conversationally. "My brother and his family are going to have one heckuva Thanksgiving feast. Thank you again, Keina."

Cute as could be, she tilted her head. "You are welcome. From how you speak it, hunter, you won't be there." Curiosity flared in her desire-darkened eyes.

"My sister-in-law doesn't like me to put it bluntly." Drev twisted his mouth into what he hoped was a wry grin. "She's polite enough, but I figure let them have a good family holiday."

"You must be lonely." The words had burst out of her perfectly formed mouth.

Images of her lips as she kissed his chest, then moved lower... Drev took out the mental hammer again, and pounded, temporarily ending his torment.

"Gets lonely sometimes. But I like my privacy." Drev followed his words with a couple of steps toward Keina. "Does it bother you? Being out the wilderness?"

Confusion instantly altered Keina's features. "What do you mean?" She took a tiny step toward him, her shoulders rolling flirtatiously. "Being out here alone with you? Or the isolation of living in the forest?"

With her fragrance knotting, thickening his tongue, Drev barked, "Isolation."

"I have a cottage..." she began, then stopped as if she'd let a secret slip.
Drev watched as her face became luminous, then a frown knitted her brow. "Where's your cottage?" Drev prompted, knowing intuitively it would give him a key to understanding Keina.

"Flubergastov, I'm might as well tell you...since we are isolated." She worried her bottom lip with her teeth.

"Tell me?" Drev dared another step closer. He fell head over heels into her fathomless amethyst eyes as she gazed directly at him.

"I'm not from Earth...Drev."

"ET?" he inquired quickly. Blade Runner came to mind, an ET rabbit shapeshifter, who had made Talbot's Peak his home. He and Drev regularly engaged in combat training sessions together.

"No." Keina singsonged. Drev watched her gage his response. "I'm from an earthly realm, though...the frequency is slightly different...but it's easy to open a gateway...and...well, here I am."

She gave him a faint little smile, and nervously rocked her dainty shoulders.  

Drev locked his arms to his sides, given she was not more than a couple of arm's lengths from him. "Earthly realm, like a fairytale realm?"

"Some fairytales are based on, on our realm. Yes." She dropped her gaze. When she flipped her gaze to him again, she softly announced,  "I was banished."

"Banished...why?" Drev cocked his head, mystified. Who would banish a woman like her?

"I -- I defended myself against...being sexually assaulted, as you would say here. The King..." she averted her face, and drew in a large breath, "he was told I lured the...uh prin...the man to my chamber. I didn't know he had a fiancee. She demanded my banishment...for six months in Earth time."

Drev's head circled at a dizzying pace. Even so, he sensed not an iota of deception from Keina. Absolutely, she'd left something out of her explanation. Something critical in her world. That was obvious. He hummed with it.

A split second later, anger leaped inside him, blazing higher and higher until he saw nothing. "Want his brains bashed out?" Drev asked, his primitive side surfacing.

"Thank you, Drev," he heard after a moment, "however, I would prefer the punishment involve his cowardly balls."

Drev felt himself blink. A laugh erupted, harsh, abrupt. "That works," he uttered like a savage.

"If you don't kiss me soon, I'm going to throw myself at you." Keina's soft plea found his heart.

Drev opened his arms. Amusement found him too, and Drev quirked a wicked grin. "I'm waiting."

She launched herself at him. Drev caught her as Keina cinched his waist with her slim strong legs. Their lips collided. Desperate. Needy.

As their mouths fused in a fury of passion, the kiss felt endless to Drev. Long, long moments later, their lips melted against each other, and clung.

The kiss softened, and languidly they planted kisses on each other's mouths.

"Wow, oh wow, hunter," she whispered.

"Wow," he murmured, echoing her.

"Could I be your Christmas gift?" She nuzzled his neck.

"Yes," Drev rasped, nuzzling her hair.

Hot damn, buddy. Drev heard in his head. You're done. You're smitten, like Dane would say.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Humpy Holidays

“Sing it, baby! Lizzy Hale and Halestorm, with ‘Love Bites.’ Ain’t it always the way? No, you didn’t oversleep. This is Tabbs and Fuzzy of the Morning Hair Ball, 105.7 SHFT in Talbot’s Peak, coming to you live from Dante’s for the pre-holiday free-for-all. How’s it going on your end, Fuzzy?”


“Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re a married wolf now. Gotta buy gifts for the jackal clan. You went all the way down to the exit, didn’t you? How was it?”

“Oh dog, man, the stink … It’s all apes down there, and they all smell like pizza and tobacco. I thought I’d yark. Wait. I did yark. That’s when they threw me out of the Stop’n’Shop.”

“That’s why this kitty shops on line, bro. How you furries doing tonight?”

(Cacaphony of noises from a rowdy, liquored-up crowd)

“Sounds like you’ve all got the holiday spirit. That’s what we wanna hear!”

(Voice from the crowd): “We wanna hear some good music!”

“Try knocking your balls with a tambourine. Have I mentioned we’re rated R tonight? Better get the cubs and kittens out of the room.”

“A little late for that, Tabbs.”

“Relax. We’re on a five-second delay. Leon back at the station’s handling the kill switch.”

“If he didn’t duck out and go party.”

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for—”

(Voice from the crowd): “You’re leaving?”

“We’ve got two tickets to the Christmas Eve Disco Dinner at Dante’s Inferno, and two tickets to the New Year’s Eve party at the Stardust Supper Club. And all you have to do is … Hump That Leg!”

“Yeesh, man, I thought we buried that bit back in ’07.”

“This is the big time, Fuzz. Wheel of Meat won’t cut it with this crowd.”

(Voice from the crowd): “What kind of meat?”

“Bobcat sausage. Looks like you’ve got a baby link. Here’s how it works: we’ve got two volunteers who are offering up their legs to whichever eager shifter can hump it nonstop for fifteen seconds. I want to stress right here and right now that our volunteers are over 21 and are consenting adults, as are our contestants. None of those underage shenanigans here at Dante’s. We have class.”

(Woman’s voice): “Wait. Volunteers? You promised me $20!”

“I forgot to mention, our volunteers also receive complimentary tickets to the holiday bash of their choice. Ah, there you are. What’s your name, sugar bottom?”


“And you’ve got—holy scat, will you look at those waders! They go all the way to the moon! What are you, dumpling? Antelope?”


“Of course you are. If you need a date to the dance—”

“Forget it, Tabby. You can’t reach that high. For our lady contestants, we have Mr. Gerald Starkweather, who’s got quite a set of stilts of his own. What’s your form, buddy?”

“Great blue heron.”

“He doesn’t look so great to me.”

“Stuff it, Tabbs. And stop drooling on Sanjia.”

(Voice from the crowd): “I want a shot at the bird!”

“No way, Lamar. We were told about you. Only shifters with legs get to play.”

(Voice from the crowd): “That’s discrimination! I’m suing! Snakes are people too!”

“You’re an employee of Dante’s and therefore disqualified. Go squeeze juice out of your boyfriend.”

(Wail from the crowd): “Not again!”

“Let’s get some legitimate players up here before this gets out of hand. Holy guacamole, you're one cougarific wolf. Who might you be, dumpling?”

“Oksana Wilk. My, aren’t you the saucy one.”

“That’s cream with a hint of cinnamon. Now, Sanjia or Gerald will offer up a leg, and all you have to do is hang on and hump for fifteen seconds without falling off. Select the object of your affection. And the time starts—whoa! Wait! Not me! I’m the DJ!”

“You smell like Little Friskies. Here, kitty kitty.”

“Fuzzy! A little help here!”

“Why? She’s doing great, from where I’m sitting.”

(Chant from crowd) “Tabby! Tabby! Tabby!”

“Fuzz, you son of a—” (incoherent yowls)

“I think we have a winner. While we’re setting up for the next round, here’s a little something from AC/DC. And a happy holiday season to you all!”

Saturday, December 13, 2014

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Thirty-nine

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

This week, the sexual heat is still on high, especially for Zance.

The first six X-paragraphs from ~

Chapter Thirty-nine:
Zance figured he owned....

Zance figured he owned the doggone happiest pair of hands a man ever had. Plus, one downright happy cock, even if it was throbbin' mighty hard.

His mate's shapely breasts threatened to spill between his fingers. Hell, he was already on carnal overdrive, given her round ass pillowed his rod, and his burnin' loins.

Now she tempted him somethin' fierce, asking if he was gonna ride her with his beast? His cock gave a willing hitch, and a big ole' ache shot through his groin.

Stifling his groan, Zance drawled, "You're on the upside of mendin', sweetheart..."

He paused searching for the right words--this side of hell given his hard-on.

"What?" she impatiently demanded. 


For more Sunday Sneak Peaks

Blurb & Excerpts for HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS are on the page above.

Wishing you shapeshifting cowboy love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~