Saturday, July 4, 2015

Not Another Battle?!

Gill looked up at the night sky.  Chloe sat next to him leaning back on her hands gazing upwards as well.

“Great display Dante’s crew came up with.  Lots of color, spark, and boom.”  A large boom drowned out Gill’s next words.

“It certainly is bigger than last year’s.” Chloe hugged her knees tight to her.  “You’ve been overly quiet since your meeting with Dante.”

“There’s a lot going on I can’t talk about.” Gill scooted closer to Chloe.  Keeping his family safe topped his priority list.  Keeping the Peak safe ranked there beside it.  There had to be a way to keep the state from infiltrating much less claiming lands for fracking.  Two more state agents appeared at his office Monday asking about accommodations and office space to lease.  And a full moon two weeks away.  Mixed nuts above, did they have enough time?  Time to get their representatives in place and deeply imbedded to get these number crunchers and picture snappers out from under everyone’s feet.  

“I know love,” Chloe offered, leaning against him.  “Miss Elly said sometimes you have to trust that what you don’t know is better than knowing.”

“Smart woman.  Dante said as much to me.  Though there are things you and I are going to know because we have to.”  Gill pulled Chloe tighter to him.  Had the coverts slipped through the ranks deeper than any of them knew?

Out in the darkness of the trees, an open area ringed by oaks and maples hundreds of years old light up as another roman candle shot into the sky.  Next to him, Kitty jumped with each boom though she never backed away as bursts of color followed.  Dante inhaled, noting each bit of subtle changes in the odors in the air.  More humans attended the fireworks display than prior years.  Of course, the number of them claiming the Peak as home increased too.  Many voiced their concerns at the hastily called town council meeting, he and Vernon used to get a feeling of their opinions on the state bullshit.  Many felt the same way most of the non-human citizens did.  This was their home and they weren’t buying what the state was selling.  Had his teams succeeded? 


Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like the battle for the Peak rises again.  What will Dante and his crew come up with?  How deep does Gill need to burrow to keep his family and town safe?  What other preparations are happening?

Hope your Fourth is safe and sane.  Weather continues to kick my allergies and make my nose twitch.  It is better than inches of snow.  

I'm knee deep into a novella I hope to have off to a new publisher next week.  Then waiting starts.  As soon as I know more, I'll be sure to share.

Remember to share a few good books with your spice and loves.  I know I'm enjoying mine!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Boom ~ Sizzle ~ Bang

“Are you still not speaking to me, Fair one?”

Greely scrunched her face and tucked herself lower in the claws that kept her safe on the long journey home from England.  She was pissed at her dragon lover and didn’t even feel like smiling as he spoke to her from his scaly snout.

“You know I had no choice…”

“Huh, right, no choice my ass.”

“You don’t cross Karma, my love.”

“You do, when Karma has her head shoved so far up her butt that she’s lost all sense.”  Why was she even talking him?  He could be such a…such a…slimy, royal, reptile!  “That’s it, a slimy, royal, reptile!”

“What’s that, Fair one?”

“You!” she screamed into the night air around her, knowing full well his ears would hear her.  “You are a slimy, royal, reptile!  No!  Better yet, you are a Slimy, Highfaluting, Insensitive, Tool!  Yep, I like that one better, a, S.H.I.T.”
The flapping of wide wings was Erol’s only response.

As the hours and miles passed on their flight towards Talbot’s Peak, Greely grew more fearful amid the straining silence.  Had she made a mistake?  Was she being honest with those around her about her fears?  Was she being honest with herself?

“Why do I dislike him so much, Erol?”  She whispered, wondering if he could still hear her or if he was even still listening.

“Only you can answer that question, Fair one.  I would say though that my cousin would never allow anyone under his protection to come to harm.  He is younger in years than I, but fully lives up to his name.  Justice Firewing and Karma Thys have made a connection and must see it through to the end.”

“…but their connection is so volatile.  What if the connection ignites and all that’s left is a pile of ash?”

“Your question is a good one, but one that could never come to fruition.  Justice would turn himself to ash before he allowed harm to come to Karma.”

“She can be a handful, Erol,” she said into the wind.

“This I know, Greely, and yet I have managed to contain myself.  Justice has more gentle feelings toward your camel, therefore, she is safe.  What really scares you, my love?”

Greely listened to her dragon’s words and fear expanded inside of her.  She nudged it with her finger, then with her toe.  She knew what the bubble held inside, but could she say it out loud?

The nights sky was suddenly ablaze and the crash, sizzle, and bang of fireworks.  Below her was home, Talbot’s Peak in all its glory, setting off a celebration of the nation’s independence.  “Oh Erol, you brought us home for this?”

“I did, Fair one.  It is the anniversary of our first display.  I promised to always show you the stars from far above.”
Tears of happiness slipped from her eyes and she kissed the claw closest to her.  “I love you, dragon.”

“As I love you.”

As they continued to watch the fireworks Greely opened a bit of her fear bubble, enough to acknowledge the worry sitting greatest on her soul. 

What if she were to lose the sister of her heart?  Be it by death or by distance she worried she would not survive the loss.  Of course, she also had her sturdy love to keep her close.  With him she would endure, she’d thrive and continue to love.  If his cousin was of the same strength, then she owed it to Karma to support her new found connection and help her reach for her very own stars. 

Have a wonderful 4th, everyone!  Be safe and enjoy the fireworks.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

His Amazon Warrioress ... Meeting of the Alpha Minds At O’Malley’s Gin Joint

Fireworks howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

When it rains trouble, it pours trouble on Talbot's Peak. Mayor Gil has bought some time... but...

However, Delvezio couldn't be happier. He figures all he has to do is prove himself to his Amazon warrioress... but yeah, always easier howled, then accomplished. Right?


His Amazon Warrioress

"Wolf," Kazmyra spat at the tall, oddly-garbed shapeshifter. She hauled back on the reins, preparing to do battle. "If you value your life, you will not attack."

Not two body's lengths away, the man stood staring up at her -- yet offered no sign he meant her harm. She had watched him leap from his strange metal wagon, then race toward her. No other from his gathering followed. Nor did any other of the shapeshifter inhabitants approach.

Never in all her days had she witnessed the signature energy forms of so many who could alter themselves to animal. Any moment, Kazmyra expected a charging vicious attack. Thus far, all she observed was curiosity carving the faces of those who watched her like a family of hawks. 

The alpha man who continued devouring her with his gaze, did so from carnal desire, and from a ravenous wish to learn about her. That was in her favor in this peculiar land.

"Wolf," he repeated. "Yes, I am man and wolf. My name is Delvezio." He spoke in a broken version of her language, and while the sound of his voice was pleasing, his accent was utterly unfamiliar to her ear.

"I greet you in the name of all who live here." The wolf human smiled, but not wide enough to bare his teeth.

"Here. What is this place? Where is this place?" Kazmyra soothed her nervous mare, stroking her neck. No doubt the unusual smells disturbed her.

'You have been brought to the future.'

The witch entered her mind with ease, and Kazmyra started before she could control herself. She grabbed hold of her lance's hilt, while scanning for the source of the supernatural voice. A woman with red-flowing hair similar in color to hers moved cautiously toward the wolf man, Delvezio.

'The lightning from the dying beast opened a pathway to this time, this place,' the witch explained. Her language couldn't be determined. It was the pictures flooding Kazmyra's head that caused her to understand, to realize she had been catapulted far, far away from her land. Her time on the MotherLand.

As the monster of uncertainty seized Kazmyra, she fought, dismissing her enemy, fear.

"This is Sapphyra, a friend." The wolf embraced the witch's shoulders to demonstrate his words.

"She understands me telepathically." Again, the witch's language remained a mystery as she spoke to Delvezio.

'I am telling him I can speak to your mind.' The woman, Sapphyra, sent waves of calmness, of a desire to help.

Able to sense deception despite any meek appearance, Kazmyra stated, "Tell Sapphyra I will accept her help. I am lost from my home land. Is there a place I might stay, where my battle skills will be useful?"


Delvezio repeated the Amazon's words, then asked, "Sapphyra, can you get leave from the bank today?"

"I was practically shoved out the door when I said I could possibly communicate with our newest arrival." Sapphyra gave a small, somewhat nervous laugh. "El Presidente said they'd survive without my managerial and psychic input."

"The Bull Man would say that." Delvezio shot what he hoped was a reassuring smile to the warrioress, who watched them with fierce, blue-jewel eyes. "She can stay at the ranch I've been renovating. First, why don't you establish a relationship with her. Anything you think she needs I'll pay for. I've got this unavoidable meeting with Mayor Gil —"

"No, you don't," Gil announced from somewhere behind Delvezio. "Since you evidently speak her...her language, I designate you in charge of making our latest arrival feel welcome."

From the mouth of destiny to the mayor's mouth... that's how Delvezio saw it. Inside he rejoiced. Yeah-howls! A full effing river of happiness overtook him, body and soul.

"How do you know her language?" Sapphyra was asking, even as she kept a friendly eye contact with the warrioress, who encompassed them with her intent gaze.

"My parents," Delvezio silently sent his thanks to them. "They researched, translated, and spoke ancient languages related to our heritage."

"There is a place where you are welcome, and needed for defense," Delvezio formally addressed, while his heart danced a tango. "You and your magnificent horse."


Meeting of the Alpha Minds At O’Malley’s Gin Joint

Questions, like a hive of pissed off bees, buzzed in Delvezio's head. Fresh  from the meeting with Mayor Gil, and the townsfolk, he and Dante strode side-by-side toward O'Malley's Gin Joint, a venerable institution in the Peak – and a safe haven from the SkyNet surveillance now aimed at Talbot's Peak territory.

To not give away their tech-advanced hand, their cyber team allowed a certain amount of spying, often subtly scrubbing the gathered info later. In this instance, the chessboard move had been deemed necessary, given the dire situation in Talbot's Peak.

A block away from the gin joint, Dante gave the hand signal that their cyber shield had been activated – this, under the guise of his friendly wave to someone who hollered his name.

"What the hell just happened in there?" Delvezio growled only for Dante's ears. "Besides protecting the mayor from those ready to call for a new election?"

"Yeah, had to put on a show to save Gil from a recall petition. We also had to act to save his were-squirrel butt from outside enemy forces." As he spoke, Dante took hold of Kitty's hand, bringing her close to his side."After you left for town, Basque wolfman, our AI-assassin girl dug deeper and found a new threat, not only to the mayor, but to every living soul in TP territory."

"A cat and mouse game directly from the evil empire." Righteous anger colored Kitty's outwardly calm voice.

"The whole fracking thing is a front for infiltration...for bad-guy occupation of our territory," Delvezio muttered in a low growl. "Gil didn't realize that, did he?"

"He thought after a meeting with Dante that he was making the right move by providing certain statistics to save our mountain water supply," Kitty offered. "I didn't realize how much the mayor was being pressured...blackmailed even. Threats were made against his children."

"Gil didn't want a midnight werewolf hunt, either," Dante growly added. "So, he played the political game. Biding for time. Said he didn't have time to contact me beforehand."

"The mayor still doesn't realize what we're really facing, does he?" Delvezio mused.

"Howls to hell, right on, Basque wolfman. Our Witch's Circle picked up on that fracking-op a few days ago, and warned me there was a real bad moon rising on the Peak. But we didn't have a reference point, or a designated enemy. Shadows remained shadows whenever our witches and psychics sought answers. On top of that our cyber team was too busy discovering ways to stealthily eliminate any and all census data from the state's computers, and from the NSA's digital cloud."

"Yeah, alpha-boss, I got it." Delvezio shoved open the door to O'Malley's for Dante and Kitty, then handed off to Vernon.

A sense of relief instantly flooded him. The older werewolf owner, Keirnan O'Malley, didn't allow any type of e-device in his vintage-style gin joint, and had with Dante's assistance, used key materials to insulate from wi-fi signals -- plus other harmful EMFs. And the coup de grace, O'Malley had outfitted his basement conference room with further shielding superior to a Faraday cage.

Most of Dante's Alpha Protection team waited in the conference room for a meeting of the minds. The temporary truce between Dante and his sire, Damien, still held, and once they entered, Delvezio scented the vicious werewolf, who had originally taken over Talbot's Peak. His top pack members were present, and surrounded their alpha, arms folded, legs braced.

In the far corner, Zhere Ghan regally perched on an over-sized pillow. His contingent of ninjas ringed him. Of late the Tiger Yakuza leader had proven to be a true ally in defending the Peak. Delvezio figured it was because the tiger shifter possessed a healthy sense of self preservation, and wanted to keep his local empire.

White Fang gave Dante a quick wink, the signal that the situation was under control. The super wolf, and another one of his kind, Night Runner, would be acting as referees -- for all intents and purposes, bad-ass bouncers. If needed.

Delvezio stationed himself near one of the exits, prepared to assist White Fang and Night Runner. And to speak should Dante give him the nod.

"Gentlemen, Ladies, I trust whatever food and drink you requested has been served," Dante began, his alpha authority obvious behind a soft paw. Once the murmurs and nods ceased, he continued. "Let's get this show on the road then. As some of you know, we face a military occupation of Talbot's Peak territory. Let me say, all ideas and solutions will be entertained. However, I ask that you hear me and my Protection team out first."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Bank Dick

"Okay, Toni." Sue had lost all patience. "Spill. If you're going to drag me all the way down to the exit, you'd better have a damn good reason."

"Don't I always?" Toni said breezily. "I need to go to the bank."

Sue gave her sister's outfit the once-over. Bright red lipstick, a black-and-gold sheath of a dress that fit Saran-wrap tight, hair styled and sprayed into place. Don't forget the shoes Sue coveted, that clacked like hooves and emphasized her tiny feet. Deer never dressed to attract predatory attention unless they were actively seeking it. "Maxed out the card again, huh? Need a loan?"

Toni just grinned. "I'm hoping to make a withdrawal."

She steered the car past what Sue had assumed would be their destination, the Talbot's Peak Credit Union, and pulled into another institution up the strip, the First National Bank of Montana. Sue would have jumped out of the car if she hadn't been seatbelted in. "Here? At a monkey bank? You don't even have an account here."

"Not yet."

Sue eyed her cousin trepidaciously. "We're not robbing the place, are we?"

"Not for money," Toni said, with a mysterious grin. "I wanted to get your opinion before I made a move."

Human-run banks, Sue thought. Artemis help them. She followed her sister inside, but at a safe distance, legs tensed to bolt if she had to.

Once in the spacious lobby, however, she forgot all about bolting. In fact, she forgot about almost everything, except—

Hey now.

He was big. He wore a faint scowl. His security guard's uniform strained over a 6'6" body beefy with rock-solid muscles. The uniform's trousers showed a similar bulge at the front. His hair, the black of slick Texas oil, was pulled back in a ponytail. He didn't wear a gun. Who would challenge him?

Sue's deer-in-headlights freeze thawed appreciably. She might, just to see how high she could get those trousers to tent.

Toni giggled. "I see I don't need to point him out."

"Holy Joe. How did you find this hunk?"

"Shoe shopping. I needed to use an ATM. I looked through the door and—" Toni reached over and gently eased her sister's gaping lower jaw back into place. "Yeah. Pretty much that."

"You think it's real?"

"No, that's where he keeps his billy club. Of course it's real. It's gotta be real." Toni licked her lips.

"He's not human, is he? I mean, this is a human-owned bank."

"I don't think so. Not with a body like that. He has to be a bull of some kind. Buffalo, maybe. He's got that look." Her gaze dropped to his crotch. "And everything else."

"You were right about one thing," Sue murmured. "I'd open an account here to get close to that. You can definitely watch your interest grow."

"Think we can get him to make a deposit in our vaults?"

"Checking or savings?"

The girls giggled. Sue's cut off when she realized—"Omigawd, he's coming over here!"

The two deer clutched each other's hands and helplessly watched the brawny guard saunter over. His voice was as deep as the Grand Canyon. "Ladies. Can I help you?"

"Uh," Sue said. "We were just … " Her gaze dropped automatically to his belt, and below.

The guard sighed. "Yeah. I get a lot of that."

"I'll just bet you do," Toni purred.

Up close, he was definitely herbivorous. Not a whiff of meat-taint on him. Reassured, Sue groped after control of her voice. "We're not here on bank business," she blurted. "It's more of a bet. My sister says you're a buffalo. I say elk." And if he was a vegetarian human, she'd just given them away. Sue didn't need Toni's elbow in her ribs to tell her that.

Fortunately the guard just grinned. "It's buffalo. Whoever has to buy lunch now, I recommend Ollie's. It's about a half mile back up the strip. You can't beat the salad bar."

Toni sidled closer to him. "Any chance of a police escort?"

"I'm not a cop, miss, just a security guard. And unless you have actual business here, I'll have to ask you to leave."

"Oooh," Toni simpered. "So forceful."

"I thought deer were supposed to be timid."

"Never been through the rut, have you?" Sue grabbed her sister by the arm and dragged her toward the door. "Sorry about this. We'll be going."


Sue half-turned. "Yes?"

The buffalo smirked at them both. "It's not a club. And I get off work at three-thirty."

"Oh? Ah." He was standing with his legs apart, like he knew what that would do to a woman. Of course he knew. He was a buffalo bull.

Sue lifted her chin. "We'll see." She marched out the door with Toni in tow.

"Oh my." Toni practically melted all over the car seat. "Sign me up for the free toaster."

"Knock it off. We've got work to do."

Toni stared dreamily at the bank. "Such as?"

"Lunch, first. We'll need our strength. Then we've got three hours to find me a sexier dress." Sue made a face at her modest pumps. "And a better pair of shoes."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Gill looked around the table, noting every face and person present.  Many of the Peak’s elite citizens sat around the table.  Several shot him dirty looks.  Others glared at him and looked away.  Some nodded and went back to talking amongst themselves.  Gill swallowed hard and looked back to the head of the table where Dante sat.  To his left, Vernon sat along with Delvezio who gave everyone at the meeting the once over twice.

Dante rapped on the table drawing all eyes to him.  He raised his glass and drank.  Everyone at the table followed suite.  Gill drank a second time savoring the flavor coating his tongue and taste buds.  The rich mineral water came from the well deep within the mountains surrounding the town.  Having gotten used to the taste and flavor lemon juice added to the liquid, Gill knew what this precious commodity meant to the town and its surrounding farm lands. 

 As Dante lowered his glass, he spoke.  “Many of you believe Gill is siding with the enemy.  The outsiders as we refer to them.”

Murmurs sounded and heads nodded.  Dante tapped on the table drawing attention to him again.  He continued speaking.  “For a while now, we’ve grown in size and population.  New species of shifters call the Peak home as well as other supernatural beings.  Our human citizens’ numbers are increasing too.”

Vernon cleared his throat as Dante paused.  He glanced at Dante who nodded.  Vernon rose, speaking as he made his way around the table.  “To survive and thrive, we’ve got to come together.  Separation of species is tolerable to a point.  Some are crossing lines and forming families.  Uniting is in our best interest.”

Vernon flipped open the flip chart setting on the easel to Dante’s left.  “This is a topography map of the town and surrounding land holdings.”

Dante pushed back from the table, flipped to the next page, and spoke.  “Recent rumblings at the state capital want to use the eminent domain to start fracking for oil not far from here.”

“There goes the water table,” Gill said as he rose, making his way around the table.  “Also strangers.  Not ones that pass through or decide to stay because they found a place to call home.  One that will snoop and dig.”

Murmurs started.  The noise grew.  Dante leaned on his hands, growling low.  Many of the wolves present silenced.  Vernon moved between Gill and Dante.  “Gill, Dante, and I covertly met when the first state agent drove into town and approached Gill.”

Dante righted himself.  “We knew getting the state to leave us alone would take some doing.”

“I prefer an open door policy,” Gill offered as he spoke in his defense.  “That wasn’t an option this time.”

“Why not?” a voice called out.  Others added their comments until the fervor grew intense.

Dante and Vernon rapped on the table until quiet filled the room.  Dante spoke first.  “Because sometimes you have to surprise the enemy.  Aka the blasted state. “

“Yes spilling everything isn’t good policy and you all know this.” Vernon sat down as he said more.  “How many of you would have scared the crap out of the state agents and personnel in hopes of running them out of town?”

Heads began to duck.  Many looked away.  Vernon chuckled.  “Believe me the thought crossed our minds more than once.  This time there was no easy way out.”

Gill tapped the flip board.  “The state will declare our area off limits if we can show them certain pieces of information.  The good old statistics that lead to hash marks.”

Dante stood raising his hand.  “So a united Peak working together can fudge some wonderful numbers and show off our organic farms.  Lovely pesticide free orchards and gardens as well as our solar powered sewer system.”

“Oh man that place stinks worse than road kill on a super-hot asphalt.”  Laughter followed.

“Very true,” Dante added.  “So Gill didn’t sell us out.  Instead he lit the fuse that got many talking and ready to act.”

“So now what?”  

“We start informing the city about the next phase.  Damn state agents and personnel roaming around.”  Vernon leaned back in his chair.  He winked at Gill who stood behind Dante.  

Gill reminded himself to take deep breaths and count with each one.  Brainstorming how to get the word out was next.



Well the truth comes out.  Or is there more to come?

Hope you and yours are staying dry and safe with this bout of weird summer weather we're dealing with.  Even the spice homestead had to deal with crap from it.  We're on our way to bouncing back.  Let's hope the next round is a stalemate.  If this is what we got now, what is our winter going to look like?

Keep a few good books handy to share with your loves and spice.  I've got a few to do that with myself.

Until next week,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Funny

Just dropping in to share a bit of a funny today...

Edina is still hyperventilating outside the door to her review by the town's Dom's and refuses to go inside just yet, so I'm giving her a break.

Nick and Ziva are still dealing with new parent issues and might be sharing some of their foibles soon...I hope so, anyway.

So instead of a flash, I thought I'd share my idea of a perfect retirement career!  All this place needs is me in a great chair out front, sipping an ice tea with lemon.  :D


Have a great weekend, y'all!