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She pointed her finger like a dagger at the tall, rogue prince of a man.

Thought I'd share this cute 3D Printed Castle... we all need one, right?

 Minnesotan man builds the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle in his backyard
September 1, 2014
In Minnesota, contractor Andrey Rudenko is currently working on a project of gargantuan proportions that seems to be stretching and exploring the limits of 3D printing technology. Using a printer that was substantially modified and expanded, he has printed a concrete castle in his own backyard. And at 3 by 5 meters, this concrete structure is the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle, and one of the largest objects that has, up till now, ever printed with 3D printing technology. ~3ders.org/articles/20140826-minnesotan-world-first-3d-printed-concrete-castle-in-his-own-backyard.html


September howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers!

Wow, who can believe it's nearing Autumn time? Hasn't this year just flown by at jet speed?

Anyway, here's the next episode starring Sharra and Jerod. Their flash scene began last week and was titled: She Shot the Triceratops, But She Did Not Shoot the Owner

She pointed her finger like a dagger at the tall, rogue prince of a man.

Sharra aimed her gun at the ground, and flung her head up at the man's inane question. Granted his voice rolled over her like black velvet and smooth whisky combined, but that hardly dampened the firestorm of anger just waiting to explode at the real culprit, the dino's owner.

"You!" She pointed her finger like a dagger at the tall, rogue prince of a man. Sharra's eyes narrowed to mere slits as she slowly and deliberately approached. "Your despicable pet has been devouring my roses. Every single one of the them." She bit off every word, and swallowed it whole.

"What are you going to do about it?" she demanded, stabbing her finger into the handsome shield that was the man's chest. He wore a chamois like material that defined his impressive muscles and was a rich brown in color.

"Quoff," the man's stern voice, although low, seemed to boom off the walls of his unusual castle... and what a splendiferous structure. A part of Sharra was entranced, even enchanted. Still, not enough to assuage her red-hot fury.

Sharra watched as Quoff's owner pinned the small triceratops with his gaze. "Did you eat the lady's rose blooms?"

If a dinosaur could look sheepish, Quoff achieved it. For an instant, anyway. Rising, the dino lowered his massive head contritely, and ambled on thick legs toward his owner. He placed his horn in the man's open palm in what appeared to Sharra's eye, to be an act of 'I'm sorry'.

But heaven above only knew, she thought sourly. It didn't bring back her fatally consumed roses. Summer was near its end, and with the recent, unseasonable Montana cold snap, well, there'd be no more blooms.

The rogue prince, as Sharra already thought of him, not knowing his name, wrapped his strong, but leanly formed hand around the triceratops' sizeable horn. Given her artist's soul, Sharra couldn't help but notice the beautiful golden-brown color of his skin.

Determined to stop the pet triceratops from further rose-eating misadventures, Sharra tossed her wind-ravaged hair and scowled as formidably as she could when his gaze focused on her face again. Eyes that glinted like diamonds, but shone like a green-gray ocean during sunset, fully met her ready glare.

"I must apologize," he paused, his gaze briefly roaming over her face. "I keep a garden of rose bushes specifically for my pets. Perhaps, it is not enough."

"Evidently not." Sharra cast her gaze down at Quoff, who merely blinked. The somewhat cute -- she begrudgingly admitted -- dino hadn't moved. Maybe because of his owner's firm grip on his horn. She had no clue who was physically stronger. Clearly, the rogue prince was no ordinary human. Yet her sixth sense gave her no clue what he was in the realm of all possible humans on Earth.

"May I know your name?" he asked disarmingly. With a slight click of his heels, he announced, "I am Zerod. House of the Dawn Vhonguard."

"Sharra," she blasted at him, then planted her fists on her hips, her gun riding one of them. "In the future I suggest you keep a closer watch on your pet. Or I may be forced to take measures neither you or he will like."

"The deployment of magick, may I assume?" He raised a dark brow.

"Yes," she snapped. "Given this gun is obviously useless against your pet's dinosaur hide."


Lost in the woman's deep turquoise eyes that held fiery glints of gold, Zerod concentrated on keeping his tongue working well enough to speak. And by the gods! he wanted his mouth searing hers with kiss after kiss. With a mental groan, he stomped down the other lusty images of what he wanted to do once the Sharra decorated his bed.

"Quoff has a hard head and a tougher hide, true," he offered. "If you'll tell me the variety of rose he has been dining on I'll have the castle gardener include it." 

"Better," the gorgeous witch softened her glare, but her tone was pure acid, "if you'll send your gardener to my cottage, I'll provide cuttings." She glanced down at Quoff. "Anything to stop his plunder. You ate the last one, didn't you, you bad beast."

Zerod watched his pet roll an eye at her, then quickly fasten his gaze on him again. "Of course, Sharra, if you'll give me directions."

"Just put Quoff here, on a titanium chain, then follow." Her fire-devouring gaze met his again. "I'm certain he knows the way."

Tell you the way, his pet quickly mind-spoke.

"Perhaps, I can think of a way for Quoff to do proper penitence on your behalf."

The gorgeous witch with Celtic-beautiful features quirked a doubtful brow. "Why is he running around anyway? Out in the open? Not like surveillance satellites aren't everywhere in this day and age."

"A tiny secret. His hide reflects in a manner that makes him invisible to electronic spying." Zerod grinned in a way some described as 'cocky', even as he observed understanding dawn on Sharra's face. "Similar to Quoff, doesn't your unicorn's horn shield you?"

"Granted. That's true, since you already know." Sharra took a step back, as if preparing to jump astride her black unicorn, and leave. "But why are you letting him off-leash, so to speak. Only the Goddess knows what other trouble he's caused."

"Quoff keeps watch over who comes and goes. Vital for protecting my people and our animals. However, he has overstepped his boundaries, and will be disciplined."

His pet's squeaky grunt of protest caused Zerod to frown and give him a reprimanding look. Not for long. He rapidly gazed back at the witch who had his loins in a savage twist of need. By the gods, he wanted her.

"Discipline, that's good. I'll just be on my way." Sharra backed toward her unicorn who snacked on the leaves of the ancient berry bush, one equines of all types adored, and why it had been planted near the drawbridge. "I've already warned you about what will happen if Quoff raids my garden and chomps down any more of my roses."  

"Would you care for a tour of my rose garden?" Zerod fired the only verbal arrow he had left in his quiver.

"Another time, perhaps," she began, continuing to move backward.

About to spin around and mount her unicorn, he watched Sharra throw her head back gazing into the early afternoon sky. Seconds later, an enormous shadow crossed his grounds, the wingspan so huge, Zerod released Quoff's horn fast, and instinctively seized hold of Sharra to protect her.

"Oh no," she breathed out, not fighting his hold. Almost frozen against him, she uttered, "We're all in danger."

TO BE CONTINUED... maybe...


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, September 1, 2014


“They’re all gone?” Maureen said worriedly. “You’re sure?”

“As can be,” Ewan assured her. “Shaggy and Agent Mulder—I guess that’s Barry and Lowenstein—got run out of town days ago. Jumbo Dumbo’s been sent to a place he won’t be coming back from. Cochrane won’t be back if he knows what’s good for him. Your friend Pete, or whatever he is now, was seen headed for the tiger compound. They’ll deal with him, one way or the other. Zhere Ghan likes to keep a low profile. I think that’s everybody.”

Finally. Now maybe he could stow all this save-the-day scat and get down to the important business of courting his lady. Starting with this romantic breakfast at the Bighorn Diner. The place was packed as usual, but somehow a table for two had materialized when they’d come in. The perks of being a hero.

“Not quite,” Maureen said, still worried. “I wish I knew what happened to—”

“You two ready to order?”

“Ted?” Maureen leaped out of her seat and threw her arms as far as she could reach around the massive bulk of Comic Book Guy. “You’re still here? You’re okay?”

“Yep. Still here and better than okay. Atcheson dumped me here in town, so I figured screw it and went to breakfast. Best decision I ever made. The food here is incredible. And they have all you can eat days. I didn’t want to leave. So the owner, Miss Elly, gave me a job. I work here through lunch, then help out at her husband’s place for a couple hours.” He nodded toward the window, and the Grease ‘n’ Grill visible across the square. “Shifters have been better to me than humans ever were. I’ll be damned if I’ll hunt ‘em any more. I’m out of the cryptozoologist biz. You better be okay with that.”

“Hey, me too.” Maureen returned to her seat. She looked at him critically. “Have you lost weight?”

“Ten pounds,” Ted said proudly. “Miss Elly’s got me on a veggie diet. That’s the only downside. Her boys want me to start working out, and they’re relentless. She’s even got her husband in on it. I’m not allowed to eat over there.” He gazed longingly out the window toward the other diner and its enticing greasy odors. “Vern says he wants me to drop at least a hundred pounds because the way I am now, it’d take a pack to pull me down. He’s joking, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Ewan said. “That’s us. Born comedians.” Except for wolves, who had no sense of humor. No reason for Ted to know that. “We’ll have two specials. Blueberry for me, strawberry for the lady.”

“You betcha. Anything to drink?”

# # #

Eons in the past, in what would one day be Lapland, the mutant creature that had once been Wesley Atcheson surveyed his vast domain. He liked this place. It had the abundant food his mutated metabolism required, plenty of land to roam in, and puny little hairy hominids several hundreds of thousands of years away from inventing the gun. Their arrows and spears couldn’t penetrate his hide. He could stomp them with impunity. And gleefully did, as often as opportunity presented itself.

Best of all, this land was home to a herd of woolly mammoths. They also posed no threat to him, as he was clearly the largest, most powerful male in the territory—a fact not lost on the females. Within weeks he acquired an entourage of cows. Life was good indeed.

Roughly a year from the present day a team of Swedish paleontologists will discover the remains of a monster mammoth preserved in the frozen earth. Their findings throw the world of science into chaos. The human elements in the mammoth’s DNA are attributed to contamination in the lab. The wolf genes aren’t so easily explained. At least one scientist’s career ends in disgrace. The remains are locked away in the hopes they’ll be forgotten.

Reading about the debacle in a scientific journal, Morloxian ponders the discovery, then shakes his head. “Naw. Couldn’t be.”

# # #

“Lord Ghan.” The head of the Tiger Yakuza knelt on the floor before Zhere Ghan’s desk. “We have captured a … creature attempting to enter the compound. It appears to be one of the hated Hancock’s mutant werewolves, but it speaks. It says it is your servant.”

“Indeed?” Ghan’s brain sifted information. He could think of only one “servant” with even a tenuous connection to Hancock’s mutant werewolves. “Where is this creature?”

“Outside. Shall we kill it, Lord?”

“No.” Ghan stood. “Show it to me.”

The mutant werewolf had been bound with ropes and whips. It was ringed by Tiger Yakuza, many with guns. Yet when Ghan approached it, it turned its attention to him and him alone. It bowed as well as it was able. “Lorrrrrrd Ghan.” The Yakuza muttered.

Zhere Ghan stood before the beast. “What is your name?”

“Rrrrrranjeet, Lorrrrrd.”

Ghan considered this. “Leave us,” he told his Yakuza.

The mutters grew in intensity, but Zhere Ghan’s word was law. The Yakuza agents withdrew. Ghan himself removed the werewolf’s bindings. “Report.”

“This one was unsuccessful in securing Dr. Morloxian,” the werewolf growled in Urdu. “I attempted to bring you the mutant mammoth, but I was overcome and the beast was destroyed. I have failed in my mission, lord. I failed you. I offer you my life, and this, my mutant body, as compensation.” Ranjeet bent his head, awaiting execution.

Instead Zhere Ghan rested his hand on the werewolf-creature’s shoulder. “You’re a loyal servant, Ranjeet. I’m sure you did your best. You are to be rewarded. You are now a member of my Tiger Yakuza. The grounds and the forest beyond are yours. You will patrol them and keep us all safe from intruders. Any creature you catch, you may kill. But not eat, unless it’s a true beast. Drive off any shifters you come across, without too much violence if you can. We don’t want any unnecessary problems. Not unless I order it.”

Ranjeet quivered all over like an excited dog. He even dared to lick his master’s hand. “I live to serve you, Lord Ghan.”

“Then get to work. You’ve a territory to guard. You’d best get acquainted with it.”

The wolf-creature bounded off happily. Zhere Ghan smiled, watching him go. Such loyalty. You couldn’t even buy devotion so strong these days.

So he didn’t have Morloxian. Neither did Hancock. That counted as a victory in Ghan’s ledger. Those idiots in town never would have let him keep the mammoth anyway. This was better. He had his own mutant werewolf now, loyal only to him. And soon …

He opened his hand and regarded the long, loose wolf hairs resting in his palm. He bankrolled his own set of Indian scientists, well-schooled in both science and respect to the ancient tiger lords. They’d assured him they were making incredible strides in cloning.

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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Twenty-nine


Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: Dontoya is facing enemies in his quest to retrieve the Ring of Union for Sherilyn.  With this ancient family ring, he will be connected with his mate in a way that enables him to protect her. However, there's one woman who will do anything to stop him, and make Dontoya her mate.


First SIX paragraphs from ~

Chapter Twenty-nine:
Dontoya halted abruptly, stunned... 

Dontoya halted abruptly, stunned by the sight of a woman. Obviously waiting on his arrival, she stood before the cavern's entrance.

With her long straight hair, black as a raven's wing, and her beautiful angular features, she strongly resembled Maityra--the first woman who had captured his heart.

Maityra had refused his youthful courtship, choosing a man of stature. One who suited her as mate. Long ago, so incredibly long ago, Dontoya realized that truth, recovering his heart.

Yet, the woman, a Pruez, jolted him to his core. She lifted her hand in the ancient way of greeting, her gaze direct, unwavering.

The crystalline lighting had been activated, and the soft luminescence surrounded her. Even though, he stood a good distance away, her dark eyes were brilliant, as if he gazed into a moonlit pool.

Dontoya did not lower his ray rifle, or his blade. "Intruder, you must own enough of the ancient gene pattern to escape the traps of our tribal home."


For more Sunday Sneak Peaks ~sneak-peek-sunday.blogspot.com~


Blurb & Excerpts for HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS are on the page above.

Wishing you shapeshifting cowboy love on the wild side...


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Chloe snuggled closer to Gill.  The strip she urinated on sat aging as it needed to for several hours.  Over the counter animal pregnancy tests didn’t yield results as fast as human ones.  Even a false positive required a visit to the local md/veterinarian for solid confirmation.  Gill’s soft snores lulled her deeper into sleep, where a fair-haired little boy ran after his darker haired sister.  It was if they knew their time would come.   Names flew by until one sounded right.  Lincoln tossed the ball he held toward his sister Greta.   Would those stick in the light of day? Chloe didn’t know.  She understood the call and lure of motherhood.  Biology ticked off the minutes and years, fertility topped the list of options available. Chloe sighed and smiled as her dreams continued.

Gill sat up, yawning.  He glanced at the clock on top his nightstand.  Something about one hour after midnight and his bladder signaled relief.  Thrusting his feet into his slippers, he padded quietly across his bedroom into the bathroom.  Blackie greeted him as he stepped across the threshold.  Her golden eyes glowed and dimmed as she walked out into the bedroom.  Behind her trotted her four kittens and the mangy male who fathered them.  Now fixed so more progeny didn’t occur, the Manx male twitched his stubby tail at Gill before following Blackie and kittens into the darkness awaiting them.

Yes, fertilization came to the Peak.  Many would bear fruit and others would help nurture and raise them.  How many more would find the Goddess’s touch wonderful remained unknown.  Gill yawned as he washed his hands.  He knew one thing.  Peace and tranquility felt good.  He wanted more of it.  How long this would last he didn’t know.  For now, sleep called him.  And that was beautiful.  He silently mouthed, Good night everyone as he pulled the covers back over him.  Soon snores feline and human, along with a few squirrel ones sounded.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Short post this week.  End of the month at work and also end of the class I coached too.  I'm ready for the start of a 4 week training class to learn a new skill set at work.  I'll coach this once I've got the fundamentals ironed out. 

Fall is upon us.  Temperatures are changing.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will.

Until next week,

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Lady Luck Lives...

Karma stood at the predetermined spot on the casino floor, waiting for Greely and Erol, but knowing they’d not show up.  After Erol’s reaction to Gree’s new body art she figured to duo was currently secluding themselves in their room and indulging in the idea of Viva’ Las Vegas!  She was thrilled to see her friend emerging from the idea of doomed love especially as that new love was Erol.  Nah, she didn’t hate the big lug, she actually thought he was great for Greely.  He loved her to madness and kept her safe and happy.  Who could ask for more for her friend?

That wouldn’t keep Karma from teasing him and riling him up however, nope, if Erol was ever going to ease himself, at least a little bit, into current times then he needed to loosen up.  Her kidding him could only help on that front…plus, he was just so much fun to tease.

“Whoo hoo!” a gambling patron screamed at the end of the row Karma traversed.  The excitement made her smile, as did the underlying knowledge that the happily jackpotting woman truly deserved the win she’d gotten.  The winners plans to give half the money to the children’s hospital that had saved her child’s life all those years ago after her terrifying birth, then using the rest to get said child ready to go to school, were laid out completely in Karma’s mind. It was a nice reminder that large groups of mortals like this made shielding nearly impossible.

A man in the next aisle over was projecting so loudly Karma knew she was needed.  This gambler was frantic for the next win.  Huge amounts of money were gambled away with each spin, the money coming directly from the food budget.  His children were hungry, his wife exhausted from trying to keep things together and her children safe, was on the verge of leaving for good if this man didn’t get some help.  Yet, he continued to drop bill after bill into the machine.  Deep down, she could feel his desire to change, but she could also see the chains that kept him tied to the one-armed bandit.
Karma slid into the seat next to him and dropped a few coins in the machine.

“Come on, you damn thief, all it will take is a few big hits and I’ll be flush.” The man yanked on the bandits arm and watched the wheels drop, yet again, in a losing pattern. “Fuck!”

“The machines are pretty cold here tonight,” she said to the gambler. “A smart player would go home to the wife and kids and not give the house any more money.”

“What?” The man looked over at her, but saw only what he expected, another guy losing money. “Mind your own machine, man.  I’m busy here.”

Karma nodded and realized it would take more than words with this one.  He needed to be shocked into the change he was ready for deep down and she was ready to oblige him. 

“Come on, come on.” Gambling man spun and lost again, his anxiety rising and money dwindling with each loss until he sucked in a squeaky breath, grabbed his left arm and fell to the floor.

“Ohmygoddess, someone call 911,” Karma called out as others crowded around the man to make sure he continued breathing.  He would be fine as she’d merely laid a severe anxiety attack on the man and not a real heart attack, but they felt the same.  The nearly dying fear was a good one to shock a person back to the side of good and by the pictures of this guy’s future now scrolling through her head, it was enough to get him away from the casino and into a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.  His family would be okay and he had another shot to make things right. 

She wandered and played for a few more hours, blessing the worthy with small wins and happy memories of their time in Sin City before calling it a night and heading to her room.  She’d been called many names in her life, but Karma was the one that fit best.  Tonight, however, she’d also played her part as Lady Luck.  Her exhaustion reminded her of why she’d moved to Talbot’s Peak. 
While mortals were always wide open to her, shapeshifters were totally closed.  She couldn’t read her own kind and it gave her a real peace.  The town offered a normalcy she couldn’t find elsewhere.  She loved her home and couldn’t imagine leaving it permanently.  A trip every so often with her best friend was cool, but it would be wonderful to finally go home.
So I got to wondering how Karma was enjoying Sin City and that's the story she relayed to me.  And in case you're wondering how she does at the casino...well, she always breaks even. ;)

Have a great weekend!

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Mooney and the Ice Bucket Challenge, Talbot's Peak Style

Erma Bombeck was a really funny lady. I know, you’re probably wondering how I even know her name. I’m a 26-year-old witch. I was raised by an Egyptian demi-god after my black magic addicted mother traded me to him in exchange for her drug of choice. I’m mated to a beta werewolf and step-mother to his pups from a previous mating (though since their original mother is less than worthless, I don’t bother with the ‘”step” part. I’m their mom, period. I just didn’t give birth to them.) Erma Bombeck was a typical American housewife who wrote some really funny books about her life back in the ‘70s. The lady’s been dead since I was a little girl and I didn’t exactly grow up in a way that would have exposed me to her sense of humor in the first place.
That was before Amazon launched its Kindle Unlimited program. Like most mothers of young children, money can be a little tight to come by for unnecessary things like recreational reading. Now, most moms would simply go to the library. I cannot do this anymore. My adorable boys would follow me, because that’s what wolf pups do. They follow their mothers everywhere, especially places their mothers don’t really want to be followed. I have not gone to the bathroom without an escort since school let out for the summer.  (And you thought you were getting itchy for school to start up again!) Now picture that kind of devoted followership while trying to look for a good book. Not happening. Say what you want about the big corporate e-book dealers, it’s been a life saver for me.
The biggest problem with Kindle Unlimited is the selection of books. Most of it is not geared toward anything I would normally want to read. My friend Gloria and I spend probably as much time looking for KU books as we spend actually reading them. You know what gem we found? Erma Bombeck, 1970s humorist extraordinaire. It’s been forty years since most of these free books were published and they are just as relevant now as they were then.  Don’t believe me? Check out her book, “If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?” Copy write 1979. The first line of the intro goes like this: “I’ve always worried a lot and frankly I’m good at it.” It’s almost like she had wolves for family, too!
Let me tell you something, if I could somehow bring her back from the dead so she can come spend a week or two in my house, she’d have enough fresh writing material to keep her busy for decades. Take last week, for instance, when my sweet, loving sons decided their dad needed to participate in the ice bucket challenge.
First off, I need to fill you in on a few things. Brett and Coby are eight-year-old litter mates, which is
not exactly the same as fraternal twins in humans but it’s close. They refuse to be called by their given names, instead answering only to Loki and Thor. They adore their father to the point of hero worship and like all wolves in a pack environment, they also love pranks. But they don’t exactly understand the nuances of human things like fundraiser challenges, nominations, and timing. Well, that’s not strictly true; they got the
timing just right but not in a good way.
My mate, Mooney, is a funny, quirky guy who can be a bit of a banty rooster, except that he’s 6’4” and 250 lbs in his human skin and not the slightest bit stringy. Human weight translates directly to wolf weight when they shift, so he’s freaking enormous in the fur. He talks the talk, walks the walk, and backs down from a true alpha wolf every time. Anyone not an alpha wolf had better watch out. He’s a beta, not a furry carpet to be walked on. He does love the boys very much, though, which is probably the only reason we still have children.
Last week, we had an… incident involving a mad scientist, rogue mutant werewolves, and a monster that was a mix of human, mammoth, and werewolf. That last one was running around stompling everything it couldn’t eat or shit on. I don’t know who started calling it the hellephant, but the name stuck. Long story short, the town’s top alpha, Dante Hancock, managed to muster a team that effectively stopped the stompling hellephant before it destroyed the town of Talbot’s Peak but not before it ate half the vegetation between town and the highway. What goes in must come out, and that all needed cleaning up, too. Since Dante’s crew took the brunt of the assault, Nick, my mate’s brother and the alpha of the McMahon Pack, volunteered to head up clean-up efforts.  This landed my mate head first up the hellephant’s ass looking for unexploded ordnance and anything else of value that Atcheson may have eaten. (Yes, the hellephant has a name. He started off as human, though he was a pain in the rear even before Morlaxion captured him for his mad experiments.)
So Mooney came home after a long day of being buried up to the waist in waste from both ends, though not at the same time, thank the Goddess. He how hot, tired, stinky and cranky. All he wanted was a shower, a meal, and some quality down time. Instead, as he walked in the back door to our home, he triggered the trap Loki and Thor had laid for him.
The little scamps had filled a five gallon bucket with mostly ice because they didn’t know when he’d be home exactly. Thanks to making homemade ice cream over the summer, they knew that if they added some rock salt to it, the melting ice water would be colder that the 32 degrees Fahrenheit ice water usually is. It had a good hour to sit and stew before Mooney walked through the door. That would have been bad enough, but the pups did not stop there. You see, the ice bucket challenge is supposed to be filmed so it can be posted on the internet, so they also swiped a motion sensor security cam from the Pack’s stash and aimed it at the door. And then, because why not go all out if you’re going to do it at all (werewolf mentality in a nutshell) they rummaged through the Halloween decorations for the melted witch prop, set it to the side of the door, and then tied a string to the bottom corner of the door so that when the door was opened, the prop would be dragged right into the path of the falling ice water. And then they put a chunk of dry ice under the prop so that it would start smoking when it was disturbed.

Did I mention that I’m a witch? Or that my mate is a wolf? It almost didn’t matter that they were making a pun on “The Wizard of Oz.” Mooney saw motion, got a face full of salty ice water and hellephant poo, which promptly ran down the back of his shirt. Once he managed to peel himself off the ceiling, he saw a smoking pill of witch robes.
He came unglued.
I know this because we have video evidence, which I am trying very hard to keep from reaching the internet. I have a feeling that Mrs. Bombeck would have had a field day with all of this, but since she’s no longer with us, you get my interpretation of the events instead.
On the upside, I do now know exactly how much my husband loves me and how quickly my kids can put themselves in their room out of a sense of self-preservation.